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A complete-service media production company, creating tailored films for brands both big and small.  

We create engaging, handcrafted content that delivers your message.

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A Blended Approach

We know that films are more than just pretty pictures, for the audience it is a wholly immersive experience. Our diverse skillset offers a full production package from scripting all the way through to visual effects and animation.

Understanding Your Needs

The key to all this is understanding. From your brand to your message, through your objectives to your vision we dig down into the detail to get not only the answers but also a wider understanding of your company. We ask a lot of questions, for all the right reasons.

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Our regular clients see us as an extension of their team and we pride ourselves in building loyal relationships.


From project initiation to delivery
we’ve got you covered

We love to see a production through from start to finish and we also love being part of a larger team. Need a one stop shop for your production needs? We are here for you.
Need a film crew to be part of your production? We have that too.
Already filmed something and need it editing together into a beautiful film with graphics and visual FX? You guessed it, we do that too.

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Seed to-Plant

Planning and Pre-production

The start of any project begins with a seed. We are here to nurture that seed from the moment it is planted, helping you realise your vision from the outset. Our creative production team will gain an understanding of your needs and work together with you to develop a handcrafted solution. The planning is a roadmap for the rest of your project, get this right and the rest of the production should run smoothly.


Our BAFTA nominated scriptwriters can take an outline brief and turn it into an epic story. Their talents know no bounds from something as simple as a presenter talking to camera to crafting your very own blockbuster.

Seed to-Plant


Depending on the needs of a project a crew can be just a single person with a camera all the way through to a full-blown production unit capable of delivering the next big thing on Netflix. We have the crew, the talent and the equipment to cover every angle of film making.


This is where the magic happens in a darkened room. Our incredible editors and visual FX artists take all of the media generated for a project and turn it into a beautiful film. We have state of the art facilities at our offices and also offer portable solutions in order to edit on site if required.

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Seed to-Plant

Live events, Location Broadcast &
Video Streaming

In partnership with Cutting Edge Media we’ve been making programmes for over thirty years. Whatever your filming needs, we have the capability and expertise to meet your requirements.
Our client list includes blue chip companies, Satellite Stations, Cable Networks – as well as terrestrial broadcasters and independent organisations who require a programme produced to a high standard – on time – and on budget!
From live music events through election broadcasts to royal weddings we have covered them all.


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